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Beverly & Bleu is a style blog created by Beverly Marquis with the help from her daughter, Lili Bleu. Beverly grew up with The Breakfast Club and The B-52s and the world was smaller. Lili Bleu also grew up with The Breakfast Club and The B-52s (because of her mom) and could access the whole world on her phone.

The two come from different generations, but share many of the same loves, as best friends do. B&B was created to share Beverly’s love of clothes, Lili Bleu’s love of cooking, and their mother/daughter friendship.

Beverly & Bleu Gen X to Gen Z and all the stuff in between.

About our Style
There is no secret formula to their easy going, California-casual style. Beverly & Lili Bleu shop at stores we all know, and buy items we can all afford. Beverly is over 50 and Lili Bleu is in her early 20s and sometimes end up wearing the same thing.

About Beverly
rust overalls grey turtleneck sweaterBeverly Marquis started her first blogs, Style Underdog in 2010 and Beverly Like Hills in 2012, as a way to find her personal style.  In 2013, after a few major family events, Beverly stopped blogging to focus on her kids, Keegan and Lili Bleu. During this time, Beverly started her own business, moved across the country (and came back), and went back to school full time. Now, it’s 2018 and Beverly is ready to get back to blogging and share her personal style, DIY home adventures, and maybe a few things she’s learned along the way.




About Lili Bleu

Lili Bleu beverly and bleuLili Bleu Marquis is the other half of Beverly & Bleu and this is her first blog. Lili is a full-time student and licensed pharmacy technician.  When not at school or work, Lili graciously takes the photos for Beverly & Bleu.  She is a fan of cooking and baking gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free creations for the family.




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