Black & White Gingham meets Peplum

gingham peplum high waist capris

gingham peplum high waist capris fashion over 50

#stylediaries gingham peplum, button leg capris, sandals

gingham peplum high waist capris

Says Gingham, “Form of a peplum”

The top is from Amazon. I know, I was surprised by that too. Even better, it was under $15. It’s one of those cross your finger and hope it fits kind of purchases.  When you mainly shop online, like me, I usually stick with brands that I know and fit, so this brand was uncharted territory. Luckily, the front is just long enough since the culottes have a high waist. Score one for online shopping.

peplum: amazon // button-up culottes: stitch&feather in fullerton ca // sandals: target //  crossbody bag: gap // glasses: warby parker


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