Blue Vest and Burgundy Boots

blue vest Burgundy boots fashion over 50

Blue vest Burgundy booties fashion over 50

Long Blue Vest, Burgundy Snakeskin Booties, Straight Jeans

Burgundy boots blue vest fashion over 50

blue vest Burgundy boots fashion over 50

I did not borrow the vest from Cookie Monster

It’s mid-week and all is quiet. I’ve learned to appreciate days/weeks like this. When the kids were younger, I enjoyed the energy surrounding always being on the go, getting things done, doing it again the next day. Now, it’s a different story. I feel lucky when there are no errands, no overly ambition plans made, and no fires to put out. I feel lucky when the status quo is quo-ing along quietly. Quiet is a good thing.

The last time I wore this vest my happy co-workers asked if Cookie Monster wanted his vest back. Wait, what? Ok, that was funny but still, this vest is cool and it’s multi seasonal, and you won’t find cookie crumbs on the front.

vest: zara / jeans: old navy / sweater: old navy / boots: zara / watch: nixon



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