High Waist and Casual Chinos

High waist chinos linen menswear shirt

high waist chinos linen shirt fashion over 50

high waist chinos linen menswear shirt

#stylediaries high waist chinos with linen menswear shirt

Rolling with my menswear linen shirt

I wore this to school Thursday night.  It was definitely one of those roll up your sleeves kind of classes.  We took apart a laptop and then put it back together.  We managed to make it work, even without the two screws we found under my notebook a little later;)

These chinos get a lot of wear.  The high waist works most of this time.  On the days it doesn’t, I unbutton the top button and make sure my shirt hids the fact that I had chili cheese fries the night before. Shhh, don’t tell.

high waist chinos: gap // shirt: gap // child-like velcro sneakers (!): vans // watch: nixon //cross-body bag: gap // glasses: warby parker


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