Plaid Blazer & Tall Boots

Plaid Mens Blazer Tall Boots

Plaid Mens Blazer Tall Boots

plaid blazer, skinny jeans, and tall boots

Plaid Mens Blazer Tall BootsPlaid Mens Blazer Tall Boots

That skinny jean boot tuck thing

It has been a very looooooong time since I’ve worn these boots and probably longer since I tucked jeans inside. I can remember way back, in my early twenties, when I bought my first pair of equestrian boots and tucked in my 501s. This may be the 3rd or 4th tall boot/tucked jean style cycle I’ve gone through.  What I’ve learned, that skinny jean tall boot tuck thing will always come around so never give away your tall boots (or your 501s), like EVER.

I’m sure I’ll be wearing these again in my 70s 😉

plaid blazer: gap //bag: gap // tee: hm // jeans: ae // boots: bronx (very old)


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