Weekend Vibes: Striped Culottes

Striped Culottes Vans Fashion Over 50striped culottes fashion over 50

Striped Culottes Vans Fashion over 50

Stiped Culottes and Vans for a warm weekend look

Striped culottes Fashion over 50

Striped Culottes Vans fashion over 50

Culottes and Vans for a Warm Weekend Vibe

When the weekend arrives, we use one day to hang out and one day for errands and homework. Today is the latter, which will include a Target run for homework supplies, and I mean homework supplies as in chips, La Croix, dark chocolate, and beer.  We take our homework seriously.

mock turtleneck: hm // culottes: zara // sneakers: vans // watch: nixon // bag: gap

dark chocolate: 85% // chips: kettle // la croix: grapefruit // beer: ballast point


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